Ann-Karin Både (Board member)

Ann-Karin is currently located in Norway working as managing director at Folkeakademiet Rogaland, a community arts organisation. Her role includes day to day operations, booking, marketing, sales, communication and outreach for local branches and other admin tasks.

Currently nominated for the Green Party Stavanger candidates list for council elections in 2015. Other appointments include:  Vice-chairman in Future in our hands Stavanger and financial officer of Folkeakademiet Stavanger.

Ann-Karin has been working with the SEA since March 2011, first involved on a volunteer capacity as virtual intern, later Norway Country Coordinator and currently employed to carry out tasks regarding communications, outreach, intern coordination and other relevant tasks, reporting to SEA president Meegan Jones.

Ann-Karin's personal field of interest in sustainable event management is experience and activity design. She believes that this can educate and/or trigger behavioral change, particularily through arts and creative projects. When unique and memorable experiences are created within this particular scene, it provides event organisers with a great opportunity to inspire a growingly eco-conscious audience and stakeholders.

Education: Ma Managing in the Creative Economy (Kingston University, UK), Ba Music (Roehampton University, UK).


Date Commenced: December 2014