Event Industry

What is an Event?

An event can be defined as any public gathering of people for a purpose. The events industry can be divided into three main sectors, based along content lines:

  • Sport
  • Meetings/Conference/Expos (Business)
  • Cultural /Arts/Music

Events are staged both for profit and non-profit, by business, government or community. Events can be held for commercial, celebratory, entertainment or specific reasons and or causes.

Events include:

Corporate/Business: Conferences, seminars, workshops, AGMs, retreats, incentives, professional development, sponsored events, galas, launches, celebrations, recreation, symposiums.

Cultural Events: Music, theatre, opera, performance, visual arts multicultural, local community, celebration, religious.

Professional Associations: Industry specific trade conferences and trade shows, professional development, awards nights, celebrations, launches.

Media/Advertising: Marketing events, promotional activity, launches, awards, roadshows, special events, sponsored events

Community/NGOs/Associations: Fundraising, street fairs, awareness building, charity, campaigns, celebrations, 'Days Of', Tourism, Ag Shows, Field Days, and Air Shows.

Education/Uni/Schools: On campus events, festivals, launches, awards, open days, celebrations, openings.

Special Interest Groups (sports, outdoors, religion): Scouting jamborees, World Youth Day, racing, international sports events, papal visits, public events and celebration, ticker tape parades, all sports matches/competitions, tourism.

Who Stages Events?

Those who stage an event can include;

  • Business
  • Government
  • Professional associations
  • Events agencies/industry professionals
  • Media & advertising
  • Community
  • NGO’s & charity
  • Educational institutions
  • Special interest groups
  • Sporting leagues/competitions

Where Are Events Held?

Indoor: Stadium/arenas, theatre, venue, hotel, and purpose built halls/centres/conference halls, marquees, boats, boardrooms, places of interest (church, theme park, zoo, heritage building, etc)
Outdoor: Stadium/arenas, sporting field, park, beach, greenfield (farm), greenfield (national park), desert, beach, on water.


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