Supplier Membership – US$100

US$100 per annum
Membership for an organisation which offers materials, products, equipment or services to the event industry, which runs their businesses sustainably, or is offering a solution/product/service which aims to improve the sustainability performance of an event.

Included in membership is:

  • Listing on the supplier database, after approval.
  • One SEA website login is provided.
  • SEA membership logo alignment is only allowed after proof of sustainability credentials (organisation and product/service) are provided.

Step 1: Read and Agree to the Membership Charter

Before you register as a member you must read and agree to the SEA membership charter. This Charter is a defining a set of principles to which suppliers agree to and commit to for their activities, planning and operation. The spirit of the Charter solicits a pledge by suppliers to uphold the principles of responsible business practice and sustainability. Read It Here

Step 2: Process Membership Payment & Registration

To proceed with your membership an annual fee is paid via PayPal. This process includes filling out the membership form and receiving a member log in to the SEA website. It gives you full access to the supplier database, how-to guides and other resources on the website.

Membership Logo Permission

The annual membership fee of US$100 includes your listing in the database and right to use the 'endorsed supplier' logo in association with your product or service once you have been assessed and approved. Once your membership has been processed and your supplier listing approved, you will be sent an email with the logo and approval to use it.

How to Get Your Listing Uploaded:

  • If you are already listed and want your listing updated, please use this form.
  • If you're not listed yet, please use this form. Our Supplier Database Co-ordinator will assess your listing and let you know if you have been approved for endorsement by the SEA. You will receive a confirmation email and which includes a logo and permission to use it.

What If My Listing is Rejected?
If your organisation is assessed not to meet our requirements to be endorsed by the SEA, you will receive a 50% refund of your membership fee. You are welcome at any time to re-apply for a listing. When we email you to let you know that your listing was not accepted, you will be provided a reason and we are very happy to discuss this in further detail and work towards a successful endorsement in the future.

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