SEA Event Membership Logo

Once you have joined the SEA, agreed to our membership charter, signed up to the program, and have begun actioning sustainable steps you will be eligible to use the SEA membership logo in association with your event.

This logo is an acknowledgment of your commitment to improved sustainability performance.

Gain permission to use the SEA Membership Logo in association with your event once you have completed all the Preparation and Formalisation steps of the Events Sustainability Roadmap. This includes these steps of the Roadmap:

  1. Commitment: by top management and engagement of the team
  2. Skills: Sustainable event management skills and competencies in the event management team
  3. Diagnostic: Undertake a diagnostic of your event to understand sustainability issues and impacts.
  4. Policy: Establish a sustainability management policy.
  5. Objectives: Set objectives and targets, understand existing baselines.