The host city, region, or country that an event is held in will have a significant part to play in the eventual sustainability performance of events held there.

Destinations with a high level of engagement with sustainable development principles will mean a fertile ground from which to stage your event sustainability goals.

We believe the following aspects reflect a destination’s Sustainability Index:


1. Resource Management
2. Agriculture & Food
3. Stewardship
4. Waste
5. Energy Source
6. RECs
7. Climate Change & GHGs
8. Transport
9. Walking/Cycling
10. Nuclear
11. Ethical
12. Community
13. Eco Labelling
14. Buildings
15. Working Conditions
16. Welfare
17. Labour
18. Diversity & Anti-Discrimination
19. Innovation
20. Engagement


List developed and the destination poll has been developed by GreenShoot Pacific and permitted use by the SEA. It's components are subject to copyright. If you wish to reproduce them, please contact GreenShoot Pacific -


1. Venues
2. Hotels & Lodging
3. Industry Competency
4. Conformity
5. Suppliers
6. Services
7. Catering
8. Equipment & Infrastructure
9. Industry Network
10. Local Government


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