Become a Virtual Intern with the Sustainable Event Alliance


If you are a student in event management, environment, sustainability or other related discipline, are at the beginning of your career, or in transition and would like to get your hands into sustainable event management, consider becoming a Virtual Intern with the Sustainable Event Alliance.

There is so much to learn, so much to do, so please fill out the form below if you want to be a Virtual Intern with the Sustainable Event Alliance.

Interns are taken through a staged process of learning the various event sustainability subject areas, and then helping to build the knowledge-base of the SEA through researching solutions, suppliers and issues in greater depth.

Their findings are included on the SEA website for the benefit of the entire industry (nationally and internationally). They also have access to the huge resource centre which is already established at the SEA usually available only to members.

Internships are not paid positions.

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Interns would be preferably available a minimum of 3 months and for at least one day a week in total hours. We will of course accept longer duration and more hours per week.

The outcomes we hope to provide interns is at the completion of their time with SEA, that they are considerably up-skilled in their knowledge and understanding of sustainability in event management and that they can take this detailed knowledge with them into the industry as they progress with their careers.

Sustainability in event management is increasingly becoming  a specialist knowledge area, however we at SEA feel that this will last only a few short years before this knowledge is embedded in all event production teams and it is our hope that through the SEA, our interns, and anyone else that chooses to learn through us, will be armed with the information, experience and know-how to bring sustainable event management to the general industry.

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