We're a global affiliation of organisations, events and individuals who are focusing on improving the sustainability outcomes of events. Together we're committed to harnessing the powerful opportunity to advance and promote sustainable development through events.

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We are supporting Sports Positive Summit 2020

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ISO 20121 Global Register

The Sustainable Event Alliance has created a Global ISO 20121 Registry for all organisations, events and venues claiming conformity to ISO 20121. The register allows those that have undertaken a conformity assessment to log their details including scope of management system, date, audit level achieved,  auditing body competency,  and  to upload a casestudy or other information to share with industry peers.

Sustainable Event News

We curate stories from all over the world on event and venue sustainability initiatives and innovation. See what others are achieving and get inspired to action!
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Professional Development

The SEA offers event professionals a pathway to understanding sustainability issues in event planning and delivery. We're a professional guild for individuals. We're an industry association for events and event organisations. And we're a network of like-minded organisations around the world all working in this space.

Knowledge Bank

The SEA website has a knowledge bank of resources and how-to guides, brings suppliers and event planners together through a growing database of sustainable solutions providers, and offers a portal for networking and discussion around sustainable event management issues.
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Professional Competency

We set competencies that event industry professionals should aim to achieve in event sustainability knowledge and also let the industry know what they should expect from those who are advising, training or auditing them in event sustainability. SEA Accredited Professionals are recognised for their up-to-date knowledge and experience within the field of sustainability in event management. Read more

Low Carbon Events... Can Yours Be One?

Events bring people together and create awesome opportunities for collaboration and innovation - including advocating for a low-carbon society.
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Recognising Excellence

SEA Accredited Professionals are recognised for their expertise and experience in event sustainability management and their ability to advise, assess or train others.

New for 2020

The new SEA Accredited Practitioner programme will allow event industry professionals to be recognised for their competency of event sustainability management in practice.

ISO 20121 Registry

The Sustainable Event Alliance has created a Global ISO 20121 Registry for all organisations, events and venues claiming conformity to ISO 20121.

ISO 20121 Assessment

The Sustainable Event Alliance offers an independent assessment of your ISO 20121 implementation by event sustainability accredited professionals.

Practitioner Networking

The SEA offers a chance to exchange ideas and discuss challenges, and brag about your successes. If you're an event sustainability wrangler then this group is for you! Join in the discussion with your peers around the world. Ask questions. Solve problems. Together we can do it!

New for 2020

One-on-one coaching with SEA Accredited Professionals. Gain direct access to experts in the field to accelerate your practical application of sustainable event management.

Supplier database

We recognise that event professionals are very very busy people. We hope to accelerate your solutions search by offering in one convenient location all the product and service providers that can help you do the best for your event.

To become an endorsed supplier with the SEA, organisations are carefully scrutinised to assess what steps they are taking to be sustainable suppliers.

New for 2020

Our focus for 2020 is to do a massive update to our supplier database to make it more of a targeted gold mine for you!

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Our partners

Please meet our network of affiliated organisations from around the world that are also dedicated to bringing sustainability to life through events, sports, music and festivals!


London and Manchester rivals in Premier League sustainability table – Sustainability Report https://t.co/BVagzq9CKo https://t.co/RVlxysERvy SustainableEvnt photo

Vision 2025 and new online sustainability knowledge hub for the outdoor event sector at the UK Festival Awards https://t.co/R6rc3ouMow https://t.co/3S0rzYaTmo SustainableEvnt photo

Ever changed your phone with horse poop?
Well at the recent Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ in Helsinki, you could! https://t.co/9kFozdpSPt https://t.co/v4g2eCK8hr
SustainableEvnt photo

Healthy soil equals healthy seas. See this terrific programme out of Rhode Island. Another beautiful legacy by a community supported by 11th Hour Racing. https://t.co/kkVm8sJrOD