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cup zero

Cup Zero provides a reusable cup service for high volume events. Through our service we have eliminated over 50,000 cups from ending up in the waste stream in 2019 alone.

By taking cups out of the recycling stream – the remaining items are less contaminated and more easily recycled.

Cup Zero is a tool for events and venues to reduce waste and thus aid in pursuit of sustainability credentials for events and festivals.

cup zero

We work with events and venues large and small from 200 to 20,000+ attendees such as concert venues festivals, street fairs, outdoor events, corporate events, fundraisers, conferences, expos, art exhibitions, school fairs, etc.

We are there to work with you every step of the way from cup forecasting, whether or not to implement a deposit system, communication, and training of staff.

The question is… How many cups will you save?

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