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A PVC-free replacement to PVC Mesh.

USE FOR: Scrim, Roll-out Branding, Large Format Printing, Barrier Jackets

Made from 100% polyester this 100% recyclable**, patented fabric is a PVC-free alternative to PVC mesh. Geomesh is lighter (230gsm vs 380gsm) and softer than the PVC alternative, making it easier to transport and reducing its carbon footprint. Unlike PVC mesh it is scratch resistant making it much easier to work with and it can even be folded without damaging the product – perfect for transporting to and from events and storing away when not needed.

** NOTE: This is only a viable option IF you have a guaranteed recovery option in place. Do not just place this in the recycling bin unless you have confirmed with your cleaning contractor that the MRF will take the product and that this material will not be lost in untraceable offshore recycling systems. You may need to fin a dedicated textile recovery and recycling service.

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