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As a family-owned business, NASA Services is also recognized for being a community-oriented enterprise, with strong ties to the neighborhoods we serve throughout the Los Angeles basin.

Our roots go back to the 1950s, when hard work and dedication
enabled us to forge our expertise and community-based business
model. With decades of experience-building, NASA Services, Inc.
was launched in 1986, and has since thrived on a tradition of
excellence in terms of innovation, service, and community outreach.

Through our expansion and reinvestments, we have broadened
our professional capabilities to provide our communities with
solutions based on their specific needs. As importantly, we actively
seek to adopt new technologies, in our ongoing effort to add value
for our clients and continually enhance our services.

This commitment is showcased in our corporate motto, “Be an Agent
for Change,” which reflects our belief that environmental stewardship,
including recycling and conservation, begins with individuals and

Today our success continues to stem equally from constant innovation
and unmatched quality. Our commitment to you, our clients and the
communities we serve, is to never cease to go the extra mile, with
our overarching goal to surpass your expectations, at each step of
the way.

Southern California

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