About the Sustainable Event Alliance

The SEA was founded in 2009 by a group of events professionals who were specialising in event sustainability.

It was recognised that there was no central professional guild for this field and that those working on event sustainability at that time were setting the markers of what good practice looks like.

So we banded together and built the Sustainable Event Alliance one event sustainability professional at a time.

With sustainability in event management, thankfully, becoming more mainstream and of interest by the event sector, we are now a growing global affiliation of organisations, events, and individuals who are focusing on improving the sustainability outcomes of events.

Together we're committed to harnessing the powerful opportunity to advance and promote sustainable development through events.

Our vision is to unite event professionals and together work towards increased attention to and knowledge of sustainability in event management.

Our Mission

  • Provide a knowledge bank for events practitioners through the SEA website.
  • Help events to navigate their pathway to sustainable event practice.
  • Offer a portal for networking and discussion around sustainable event management.
  • Communicate and create a commonality of best practice in sustainable event management across all industry sectors and the supply chain.
  • Accredit event sustainability professionals – managers, consultants, auditors, trainers and sector specialists – setting competency standards.
  • To spread the desire to reduce the impacts of event production.
  • To open up opportunities for innovation of sustainable production solutions within the industry

Our Objectives

  • Create a space (virtual) where those actively involved in sustainable event management practices can network and exchange ideas.
  • Engage those currently not involved with sustainable event management, which may benefit from further development and implementation of sustainable practices.
  • Network with other event sustainability and related programmes.
  • Provide access to resources to approach great sustainable event management.
  • Engage events in taking on Management Systems such as ISO 20121 or public sustainability reporting such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

And importantly;

  • To reduce the impacts of events.
  • To encourage events to use their productions to demonstrate sustainability in action.
  • To encourage event producers to engage attendee participation in their sustainability initiatives.