Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Provide a knowledge bank for events practitioners through the SEA website.
  • Help events to navigate their pathway to sustainable event practice.
  • Offer a portal for networking and discussion around sustainable event management.
  • Communicate and create a commonality of best practice in sustainable event management across all industry sectors and the supply chain.
  • Accredit event sustainability professionals – managers, consultants, auditors, trainers and sector specialists – setting competency standards.
  • To spread the desire to reduce the impacts of event production.
  • To open up opportunities for innovation of sustainable production solutions within the industry

Our Objectives

  • Create a space (virtual) where those actively involved in sustainable event management practices can network and exchange ideas.
  • Engage those currently not involved with sustainable event management, which may benefit from further development and implementation of sustainable practices.
  • Network with other event sustainability and related programmes.
  • Provide access to resources to approach great sustainable event management.
  • Engage events in taking on Management Systems such as ISO 20121 or public sustainability reporting such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

And importantly;

  • To reduce the impacts of events.
  • To encourage events to use their productions to demonstrate sustainability in action.
  • To encourage event producers to engage attendee participation in their sustainability initiatives.