SEA Accredited Professionals are recognised for their up-to-date knowledge and experience within the field of sustainability in event management and their competency to advise, assess or train others.

You can be confident that your consultant, trainer, auditor or in-house sustainability staffer, is an active contributor, thought leader and specialist in event sustainability in theory and practice.

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Professional Experience:

  • have a minimum of 24 months demonstrated sustainability-in-event-management practice which includes planning and delivery, including onsite operations.
  • have held an operational role with responsibilities and decision-making authority on event planning and delivery.
  • have gained required experience through professional experience or a combination of professional experience and education.


  • have an understanding of sustainable development principles as they relate to event production.
  • have the competency to identify sustainability issues as they relate to event management and to develop plans of action to deliver improved sustainability performance.
  • have an understanding of the administrative, technical and regulatory requirements that are applicable to sustainability in event management

SEA Accredited Professional Program

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