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Anastasia Zotou

Athens, Greece 


I have been working on sustainable sports events since 2014 providing the organizing committee with the appropriate knowledge on how to reduce negative impacts as well as raising environmental awareness to all stakeholders and participants involved. I manage my own environmental consulting company ZOTEN in Athens, Greece but my activities are not limited to Athens as I travel to many areas of the country to consult on a variety of environmental issues.

Sustainability in event management inspires me for many reasons:

Firstly, as an environmental consultant I understand the necessity of reducing our negative impacts on our planet through any means or actions possible. Events are such an opportunistic way to reach and educate so many people and at the same time make a collective difference in event practices.

Secondly, my experience with the Greek people organizing and participating in these events was extremely positive despite the difficult period (Capital Controls, economic crisis) as they were willing and enthusiastic about contributing to this cause.

I found that their knowledge of event practices was limited, to say the least, but they were eager to learn. This gave me a lot of motivation and hope. Regardless of the difficulties they face, they are conscientious of the need to follow through with sustainable practices.

Thirdly, I truly believe in the ‘triple bottom-line’ concept of maintaining a balance between ‘planet, people and prosperity’ which can be achieved through event greening.

At the moment Greece needs inspiration and motivation to overcome all the issues it is presently facing. Events are a means to promoting environmental stewardship, social responsibility and prosperity


  • Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Management from Central Washington University.
  • Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Policy from the University of the Aegean.

List of events and projects worked on:
I have collaborated with the organizing committees on a number of road races in Greece, one spanning the distance of Athens to Sparta (245km) promoting sustainability practices. I have also participated in raising environmental awareness in outdoor bazaars. I organized the implementation of recycling programs in elementary schools, which unfortunately had no support from the municipality. I have given speeches to students informing them on a variety of environmental issues as well as to educators on how they can make a difference in their schools. Topics I speak about include but are not limited to:

  • Earth’s Nine Lives
  • Where does all our waste go?
  • Water Cycle
  • Food Waste/ Feeding 8 billion
  • Deforestation
  • Soil erosion and Composting
  • Eradicating Poverty and Stabilizing the Population
  • Climate Change
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Over-consumerism