2019 Tocatì Festival by AGA


Audit For: https://tocati.it/festival-sostenibile/
Location: Verona, Italy

About the Audit:

Name of Organisation: Associazione Giochi Antichi
Event Name - Tocatì International Street Game Festival

Conformity Level: Third Party
Date: 12/02/2015, re-certified 15/09/2018
Conformity Certificate: view certificate
Auditing Company/Auditor: 2018 British Standard Institution
Auditor Competency: Auditors meet competency requirements in ISO_IEC_TS_17021-4_2013
More information: http://www.iso20121eventi.it/tocati 

Scope of Audit:
The Tocatì, International Festival of traditional street games, annually takes place in Verona (IT).
Its management system managed by AGA is certified by the ISO20121 standard since 2015 and in its subsequent editions has continuously developed its processes improving the management system following the ISO20121 indications.

In particular, AGA assessed the principles of inclusiveness, transparency, integrity, inheritance, accessibility and management of sustainable development.

The areas of involved in the process of the ecological, social and environmental evaluation impacts have concerned: places, preparations, mobility, suppliers, restaurants and the volunteer's work.

Sharing our ISO 20121 Implementation Experience:

SEA Member? Yes
SEA Accredited Professionals in the Implementation Team?: Yes