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AXIS Sustainable Displays recognises and supports efforts to reduce the environmental footprint.

Our range of products not only make use of recycled paper waste, therefore limiting the amount that enters landfill, but also reduces the cost of raw materials, embodied energy, transport and logistics.
The most exciting aspect of our sustainable options is the designer requirements in terms of both practicality and finishes don’t have to be compromised. The product range is verstaile enough to support any design and meet display or commercial furnishing requirements. Towers, ceiling and acoustic panels, joinery, shelving, feature beams and even boardroom tables have all been superbly constructed utilising the versatile Ecoboard Plus range.
Our experience in the event and display industries over the past 25 years has led us to the evolution of a display oriented service with product to meet the sustainability and eco friendly criteria in demand worldwide across many industries.

About this Supplier's Sustainability Credentials

We source our raw material through manufacturers who have developed their product to meet the requirements of recycled, recyclable and or reusable.
Our printers use water based inks on eco friendly print media and our furniture range is made from recycled post consumer waste paper product and cardboard.
We source and use only LED lighting on our projects and where at all possible utilise recycled flooring and floor coverings.
Through the introduction of Low Voltage LED lights we are able to reduce the total power needed for effective lighting of our displays.
Our products are assembled by hand, requiring little or no powered tools for construction.
Our office and factory is connected to Origin Green power option.
All of our products come from recycled products , are recyclable and or reuseable.
We encourage our clients to either allow us to store their display material for future use or recycle it.
We do not use water at all in our construction process and we note that our principal supplier, Xanita, is currently going through an audit process of their manufacturing plant in South Africa.
We engage converters/printers in all of the capital cities where the majority of our construction is undertaken in order to reduce the freight required.
Our furniture and stands are flat packed and lightweight for ease of transport and on site handling.
Axis Sustainable Displays