Benjamin Eddie


  Event Producer with sustainability expertise

Location: Leeds, England, UK
Years experience in sustainable event practice: Two
Email: contact @

Details of experience:
I have been passionate about reducing, reusing, and recycling in the home since my youth. It has been a natural progression that as my involvement within the events industry increased (alongside my knowledge of sustainability) that I would apply the same principles to my professional life.

As event organiser you are in a unique position to promote a positive message to your audience, contractors, and suppliers; through sustainability in action, education, and sharing best practice in a setting where people may be more receptive than in day-to-day life, with a hope that you can affect wider change and demonstrate alternative possibilities. From a business perspective, it is increasingly apparent that the strategic case for embedding sustainable practices is gaining momentum; early adopters can achieve competitive advantage ahead of inevitable legislation.

My own experience rests on a long held passion for organising and attending festivals and live entertainment, and in environmental sustainability. I am a great believer in lifelong learning, personal, and professional development; and I'm excited to pursue a career in such an innovative, creative industry with a very real capacity to make a difference. I have faced barriers when looking to implement sustainable practices where there has been limited focus before, and realise the importance of having a clear direction from the outset. Events sustainability is ongoing, with unique challenges to overcome; it is not an end in itself, rather an approach and a commitment to do more.

As the festival season here in the UK comes to a close for the year, I will focus on my postgraduate research over the winter, furthering previous work on the development of competitive advantage through sustainable event management. I look forward to a number of opportunities heading in to 2013, including developing a live EDM event here in the UK, continued involvement in a local festival, pursuing freelance and permanent positions, and to conduct further environmental assessments on behalf of A Greener Festival.

2012, Leeds Metropolitan University: MSc International Event Management, UK Centre for Events Management, (graduation 01/13)
2012, Institute of Leadership and Management (Level 5 Award)
2012, Association of Independent Festivals: Green Events & Innovations Conference
2007, Leeds Metropolitan University: Second Class Hons (1st Division) BSc Psychology

List of events and projects worked on:
Hyde Park Unity Day 2011
Hyde Park Unity Day 2012
A Greener Festival- AGF Award Environmental Assessor
Saltaire Festival- Event Fundraiser