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The perfect partnership to end the use of single use displays.

USE FOR: Marketing Displays, Exhibition Stands, Step & Repeat Boards

Teaming Bravura display hardware with an Envirodisplay™ graphic print creates the ultimate eco-friendly display.

The Envirodisplay graphic sleeve is made from 100% recycled polyester and can be recycled with textile waste or returned to us as part of our Fabric Upcycling Scheme at the end of use. They are double-sided as standard, meaning you can have two different designs without the need to change your print. When new artwork is required, simply order replacement eco-friendly prints and reuse the hardware again and again.

The easy to assemble, lightweight framework and feet are made from recycled aluminium and plastic which can be recycled at the end of its life.

Bravura with Envirodisplay stands are a much more sustainable alternative to single-use roller banners.

NOTE: This is only a viable option IF you have a guaranteed recovery option in place. Do not just place this in the recycling bin unless you have confirmed with your cleaning contractor that the MRF will take the product and that this material will not be lost in untraceable offshore recycling systems. You may need to fin a dedicated textile recovery and recycling service. Harrison Creative offer a take back service for textiles.