Low Carbon Events... Can Yours Be One?

Events bring people together and create awesome opportunities for collaboration and innovation - including advocating for a low-carbon society.

Together we can direct action and make a massive impact to collectively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We all play a part.

Event owners, event managers, venues, sponsors, event industry associations, vendors, infrastructure and materials suppliers, along with workforce and participants, all have a part to play in reducing event-related GHG emissions. Together let's make a massive difference.

Join us and make a big old hand-on-heart commitment to do all you can to run low-carbon events. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Reduce Your Event's Greenhouse Gas Emissions NOW!

Increase renewable energy use by your event.

Measure your GHGs and share your successes with all.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead...


What Can You Do to Reduce GHGs?

Say no to dirty fuels

  • Stop using fossil fuels in your power generators.
  • Use biodiesel instead!

Reduce Energy Demand

  • Use energy efficient equipment.
  • Run your equipment efficiently.
  • Plan and run your generators for efficiency.

Air Travel ... hmmm

  • Limit air travel.
  • If you have delegates flying in, then get them to offset their flights. We love www.myclimate.org

Buy Good Stuff

  • Buy stuff with low carbon footprints.
  • That means thing with low energy intensity.
  • Source as local as possible.

Some more resources to help you get started

Event Energy Checklist

To reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your event produces, follow these steps and track through the checklist in this download.


Event GHG Inventory Evaluation

This  guidance and checklist can be used to review your event’s potential GHGs and determine whether they should be measured or not.


How to Measure Event GHGs

Greenhouse gases occur at every turn during an event’s lifecycle. Read this six part series on everything didn't know you needed to know about event GHGs!


This campaign has been developed through international collaboration of event sustainability advocates. sealogosm 150px      PIlogo  


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