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An innovative and re-usable landfill, recycling, and organic bin that fulfills all of your waste management needs.

Developed by industry professionals with over a century of collective event experience, Cerobin combines an easy, foldable design with a dual stream receptacle to bring effortless disposal operations to dozens of industries.

The reusable design has been tested and approved to withstand 200 lbs and over 40 mph winds. Showcase your brand or event partners with two marketing panels.

Cerobin aims to support waste diversion goals with a customizable, dual-stream system, with a choice of recycling, organics, or landfill lids. Pairing the streams in the same receptacle helps minimize cross-contamination and provides a consistent look so diversion programs are more successful. However, the key to Cerobin is it's reusable design to reduce single-use cardboard event box waste. Cardboard waste bins are commonly used at temporary events, and their flimsy and single-use nature makes them difficult to use, and they ultimately end up adding to the event's waste tonnage.

The marketing panels on two sides of the bin also allow you to showcase your brand or partners, to facilitate the brand advancement and economic benefits of a sustainability program.

In addition to the inherent environmental benefits of the product, Cerobin is actively pursuing CA Green Business Network Certification to evaluate the sustainability of our office practices in multiple environmental and community categories.