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Sustainability Expert

Thought-leaders, innovators, pioneers, consultants, trainers, academics, authors & specialists.

Event Sustainability Experts 

Event Sustainability Experts are awarded through peer recommendation, centred from their demonstrated leadership in the event sector.


  • Ten years events sustainability experience.
  • Held an operational role with responsibilities and decision-making authority on event planning and delivery.
  • Published case studies
  • Speaker at industry events
  • Industry standard, certification or protocol implemented
  • Pass competency assessment
  • Shared sustainability report
  • Produced industry guides, articles or research
  • Peer recommendation
  • SEA Member

Event Sustainability Experts will be listed here throughout 2021. 


Only those who meet the prerequisites can be recommended as an industry-recognised Event Sustainability Expert. Once recommended, the candidate will be contacted and asked to provide evidence of meeting the prerequisites.


All industry-recognised Event Sustainability Experts must be active contributors to new knowledge for the sector, such as providing a case study, discussion paper, research or other knowledge. They are also expected to participate in an industry forum, speaking engagement, expert panel or master class on event sustainability. 


All Event Sustainability Experts must have completed the SEA Accredited Professional competency assessment. Recognised Industry Experts are also the assessors of Accredited Professional submissions.


After submission of evidence, the SEA Leadership Team will review the information and award the Recognised Industry Expert status if pre-requisites are met.


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