Accredited Event

Sustainability Practitioner

Events professionals competency recognition programme in sustainable event management.

Event Sustainability Practitioner
Competency Assessment

For events professionals with competency in sustainable event management.


  • Professional events experience
  • SEA Member

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Steps to assessment

1. Provide your details

Give us your details. This form will be the foundation of your final profile online when you are completed.

2. Access the assessment topics and purchase access

Upon purchasing access you will be redirected to the assessment page.

3. Complete the assessments

The assessment is online and open-book, and completed through online forms. You will be required to respond to questions and give examples of your work on various topics.

Upon completion of each section, you will receive an email acknowledging our receipt of your assessment submission.  

4. Peer Review

Once you have completed the competency assessment, your submission will be anonymously reviewed by industry experts.

Please allow three weeks for assessments to be processed. If any clarification of your answers are required by the assessor, we will contact you.

5. Certificate of Competency

Upon a successful assessment of all five sections, you will receive a certificate of competency. 

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