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Accredited Event

Sustainability Specialist

Events professionals competency recognition programme in sustainable event management.

SEA Members Only

Once you apply for accreditation you can commence to the next step. 


  • Five years events sustainability experience
  • Published case study or how-to guide
  • Speaker at industry event
  • SEA Member

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Steps to assessment

Choose your assessment topic and complete the assessment

The assessment is online and open-book, and completed through an online form. You will be required to respond to questions and give examples of your work on various topics.

Upon completion, you will receive an email acknowledging our receipt of your assessment submission.  

Peer Review

Once you have completed the competency assessment, your submission will be anonymously reviewed by industry experts.

Please allow three weeks for assessments to be processed. 

Certificate of Competency

Upon a successful assessment, you will receive a certificate of competency. If any clarification of your answers are required by the assessor, we will contact you.

Apply for accreditation

I agree to comply with the SEA Membership Charter.
  • Your email will not be shared or posted on our website.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • Your email will not be displayed, only website addresses that you provide above.
  • Your email will not be displayed but you can choose to share it directly with other members. Members will be able to direct message you on Slack.
  • We send out one welcome email and then VERY FEW follow up emails to make special announcements, and newsletters. Make your choice!
  • Please include one or two paragraphs to go with your member profile on the SEA website.

The Sustainable Event Alliance is a professional guild for event sustainability practitioners, specialists and experts.

Our supplier and solutions databases help you fast track your event towards being clean, green, zero-waste, fair, friendly, and climate responsible.

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