Credibility of assessors for future ISO 20102 independent verification

I wanted to start a discussion (and hopefully not a can of worms...) on this topic.

I am interested in the event industry professional's opinions on whether, if they were to be independently assessed, would they want it done by an auditor/assessor who has an understanding and proven track record in event production.

Knowing what we are like in the event industry, I can just see us screwing our noses up at clipboard wheeling 'auditors' who have no understanding or aptitude for the cut and thrust of the event industry. (I have a vision of someone with a sweaty brow nearly getting run over by a forklift!)

I am wondering from the auditor/assessor angle, what your plans would be to become familiarised and experienced in the events industry in order to be credibly received by the industry as a trusted assessor.

I know that some standards bodies endorse or even supply auditors. I am wondering what requirements those standards bodies would put on auditors they endorse so that they are credibly received by the events industry.

It will be really interesting to hear all stakeholders thoughts on this. Particularly if there is a really obvious answer that is at odds with what I have thought up, so I don't embarrass myself and out my opinion prematurely!

I would really appreciate any thoughts of anyone who has dwelled on this, or anyone that has a clear solution, or indeed anyone thinking of this for the first time and a blinding flash of the obvious appears before them that they woudl like to share.


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