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Cup Concept

Cup Concept is a branded reusable washable beer cup for use at events.

Generally the customer pays a deposit and then receives this back when the cup is returned.
It is a great way to reduce cup-based litter and also has a merchandise sale opportunity for branded cups that are kept by customers.
With six branches in Germany, a subsidiary (joint venture) in the Austrian city of Vienna and cooperation partners in Switzerland, the UK, Luxembourg and France, we are your first stop for all returnable cup-related services. Wherever you need us!
We are firmly committed to using environmentally compatible systems. With today’s ever changing and increasingly stringent environmental standards, our company is duty-bound to operate a policy of continuous internal development.
Some examples:

  • In 2003, we began using green electricity supplied by a German company for some of our energy requirements. Since 2006, we have been using green electricity to power all of our processes.
  • When purchasing vehicles for our fleet or hiring delivery vehicles, we give preference to those that are equipped to the EURO 4 standard. These vehicles must be fitted with particulate filters, AdBlue® or a similar technology designed to control emissions.
  • Any cups that are no longer fit for use are removed for material recycling. Usually, the recycled material is used to manufacture construction components and other high-grade products.
  • Our business documentation is FSC zertifiziert and is therefore part of a group of products manufactured using timber from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources.

Since its inception, CUP CONCEPT has manufactured all of its returnable cups exclusively in Germany and Austria (Vorarlberg). This ensures that transportation distances between the production plants, the CUPCONCEPT service facilities and our customers are kept to a minimum.

Cup Concept