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We help Aussie's party sustainably. It's our passion! We import and wholesale fully certified biodegradable and compostable catering products for businesses, larger events and festivals.

We also provide a wide range of eco friendly party supplies for small events, weddings and celebrations.

  • We select products which meet the highest standards of eco-friendly criteria.
  • Our tableware must meet the necessary certifications to be regarded as, at the very least, commercially compostable.
  • All other party products are chosen based on their ability to break down once used.
  • We will always choose a product over a similar one if it features recycled or biodegradable content in the packaging.
  • When choosing wooden products we select manufacturers who are committed to FSC certification and we will always align ourselves with suppliers offering that option also.
  • Our party products are fairly-traded, hand-made and locally-made where possible.
  • The manufacturing process of our compostable tableware uses less energy when compared to single-use tableware made from plastic and petroleum.
  • We supply only certified compostable single-use tableware, ensuring that these products have every chance of being turned into useful soil.
  • We encourage our customers to dispose of their compostable tableware in their green organics bin (if possible for their area) or in their home compost (if the product is suitable).
  • Our other party products do not contain plastic. They are selected based on their minimal contribution to landfill - so preferably they will biodegrade or break down over time. Where possible we will choose recycled content and/or biodegradable packaging over plastic.
  • As a business we compost and are thorough with getting recycled goods into the recycling bin.
  • Our packaging uses recycled boxes donated by local businesses which are taped with biodegradable tape only.
  • If Postage requires satchels we choose the type which are made from recyclable plastic or cardboard bags.
  • Water usage is minimised as the business is run from home.
  • We send orders through our local Post office, which is 2 minutes drive from our home office. We also have a courier who picks up from our premises daily.