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ECOBoards Standard panels are is a hardboard made from the fibres, residues and by-products from harvests – preventing it from being burned as waste. The boards can be used core materials signage, indoor construction or in any application where particle board would be used.

ECOBoard DECO is a decorative alternative to concrete or bricks – even in the construction of multi-story buildings. It can be used for outer and inner walls (e.g. interior decoration). Houses built with natural fibres represent a sustainable and green solution, which can be applied in the construction of buildings and house renovation as well as the manufacturing of furniture.

By utilising materials normally regarded as waste, using ecologically sound bonding system, totally eliminating Urea Formaldehyde™ harmful emissions.

ECOBoard Europe B.V. is a young company that was established to supply cost effective plants and equipment to enable the production of high quality particleboard panels in commercial quantities.