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ECOR is an Advanced Environmental Composite Panel formed from the conversion of abundant cellulose fibre, pressure, and heat.  ECOR is produced in 4’ x 10’ sheet in various thicknesses.  Fibres are sourced from Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC), Old News Print (ONP), office waste, forest waste, agricultural fibre, and even bovine process fibre. 

ECOR was developed using principles of waste stream reduction and diversion with the goal of solving one of the world’s most challenging environmental problems - waste disposal and diversion.

ECOR is made from waste fibre, water, and heat. It is 100% bio-based, 100% comprised of recycled waste materials, 100% recyclable, and is cradle-to-cradle compliant.

ECOR provides a high waste-to-product conversion value in comparison to many other recycling technologies.

ECOR boards are fully recyclable by ECOR.

These can be used for any kind of hardboard signage but for interiors only. The boards are procured for use by printers.