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Corex Twin Wall Fluteboard® that delivers on sustainability.
Encore Fluteboard® is made from 100% post industrial Polypropylene. Corex have taken a holistic view on recycling and have engaged its major clients in a recycling program. The program encourages clients to work together with Corex to return Fluteboard® and Corflute® materials for reuse.
Ask your signwriter to use Encore Corex.
With its purpose built recycling facility, returned sheet in the form of retired packaging, printed signage and off cuts are all recycled and re processed into Encore Fluteboard®. "from cradle to cradle"

  • For temporary event signage
  • Encore reduces CO2 emissiosn from using recycled materials
  • Corex hosts a send-back recycling scheme through your signwriter or direct pickup for minimum volume.
  • Ask your signwriter if you bring back the signs to them if they will send on to Corex for recycling.

Did You Know?
Five tonnes of polypropylene recycling relates to:

  • 9 cubic metres of landfill saved
  • 3 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • 211 gigajoules saved (1 households powered for a year or 1 car permanently off the road!)