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Event Cup Solutions is the only UK provider of a complete reusable solution that will eliminate the need for single use Food & Beverage packaging.

We only use British made cups which are made from lightweight, clear polycarbonate and are 100% recyclable at the end of life. We use our One Planet One Chance brand to provide a generic solution which encourages multiple use at every event rather than a fan cup or souvenir cup model favoured by other providers.
We are part of Event Hire UK and benefit from the infrastructure of owning 4 regional wash centres across the UK which reduces the miles travelled in providing the service, we utilise our own vehicles and staff to deliver to ensure our clients have a very safe and reliable service.
Our range includes beer glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes as well as food trays, pasta pots and hingled food boxes. We also have a strategic partner in Belgium who can provide our One Planet One Chance Reusable Solution to clients in mainland Europe.
We can demonstrate financial models that turn a sunk cost for packaging into a revenue generator for the organiser/venue.
We have recently complete the Carbon Literacy programme and offer advice through a wider network of like minded suppliers to provide event organisers with a turn key solution to reduce carbon footprint.

we are the only UK provider who can offer a complete reusable solution for food and beverages which will eliminate the need for single use packaging which allows events & organisers to meet the EU Directives on SUP and be aligned to the UK Government Resource & Waste Strategy.
Our 4 company owned wash facilities give us the ability to reduce miles travelled and shorten lead times which means we need to use less cups, reducing the amount of raw material required.
Our solution is based on system rental as opposed to "fan cup" or "souvenir cup" which means again that we use less raw material than the competition.
We are certified (our Director John Reeves) as part of the Carbon Literacy Project having successfully completed the programme in May 2020.