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 Festival tent recovery

The average tent is the equivalent to approx. 8750 plastic straws or 250 plastic pint cups. Currently over 95% of leftover festival tents end up in an incinerator or landfill. This is unnacceptable.

A recent study showed that approx. 250,000 tents were left at festivals every year in the UK. The maths = 250,000 x 8750 = 2,187,500,000 plastic straws. Festovers aims to upcycle these tents saving tonnes of plastic from entering the atmosphere.

In his early 20s he began working for Greenpeace UK and was further educated on the issues of festival wastage.  FESTOVERS came from Thomas' frustration at the leftover waste at festivals, but it also came from the simple fact we need to do better, the knowledge that we can do better, and the idea to make it happen is right here waiting for you...

Now FESTOVERS works with festivals, like Truck Festival in Oxfordshire, to take all the leftover tents at the end of the weekend - we clean them, we repair them, we repackage them, and then we distribute them for a much cheaper, greener, price! It's a win win win on all accounts!