Welcome to the Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA), an association which aims to inspire events, organisers, venues and supply chain to be as sustainable as possible and to establish the Flanders Region as a sustainable event destination.

The Sustainable Event Alliance helps to resource those who wish to expand their current sustainability practice, or those who are at the start of their journey, to improved sustainability performance.

We encourage all sectors of the industry to play their part in the Flanders Region being recognised as a sustainable event destination.

SEA's Sustainability Roadmaps help events and venues navigate towards improved sustainability performance. Suppliers and temporary food traders can also undergo a checklist process to assess their performance and let us know their sustainability credentials.

Start Your Sustainability Journey


  1. Become an SEA member
  2. Sign up to the Roadmap, s.Venue Finder, s.Supplier Database, or SEA Accredited Professionals
  3. Commit to improved sustainbility performance/have your performance assessed
  4. Use the SEA logo to communicate membership


Groen Event

Rather than have an SEA representative in the Flanders region, we defer to the Flanders-based sustainable event organisation Groen Event.

Groen Event is a program by the Flemish Ministry Of Environment as part of OVAM. It offers resources in Dutch, and also an annual award program for events, through their EventScan program. OVAM gives events advice and financial support for their event a low-waste and environmentally friendly event.