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The Food Line-up: a pioneering creative catering agency. It's our mission to let you discover better food at events.

Food with incredible taste, a sustainable DNA and arranged by us from nose to tail.150 chefs and food enthusiasts

We approach catering differently. Instead of working with a permanent chef, we use our network of 150 independent chefs and food enthusiasts to serve amazing tasty food. For every event, we come up with a suitable line-up that varies from pizza makers who hone their craft with regular training in Naples to young talent from Michelin star kitchens.  Unique food line-up for your event‍We think along with you from the content of your event and deliver a tailor-made, creative and sustainable menu for you.

Sustainable DNA:

In order to make our events more sustainable, we have introduced Lotte's Constitution. With this we challenge ourselves and our suppliers.

  1. We work with the best professionals and the tastiest specialties.
  2. We work together with people who are intrinsically motivated to make the world a better place.
  3. We know our products and specialists through and through and like to tell their story.
  4. Every time we surpass ourselves in the execution of our events.
  5. We strive to serve food and drinks according to the 'Good, Clean and Fair' principles of Slow Food.