Commit to Reusables! 

Get ready to #buildbackbetter and don't revert to single-use plastic!

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We will not automatically add you to any e-marketing lists or share your details with any other organisation. We will do one follow-up email with you to see if you're ready to endorse the guidelines and make a commitment to reusables (or do that now below!). At that time you can also choose to opt-in to be part of the SEA community.  

If you want to opt in right now - go here.

My declaration

I/We confirm we have read the Reusables Hygiene at Events Best Practice Guidelines and agree they provide sufficient evidence that the risk of viruses being transferred via reusable systems at events can be mitigated through the hygiene systems and processes detailed in the guidelines.
I/We believe there is no evidence-based reason for events to revert to single-use serviceware in place of reusable serviceware to minimise the health risk of viruses
I/We also believe that when reusables are appropriately sanitised, they can be a safer option than single-use serviceware.

I/We endorse the guidelines and commit to prioritising reusable serviceware at our future events.

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