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GOGO events mission is to build a more equitable society by creating paid work to the vulnerable in society. People that are traditionally excluded from the work force are trained and employed as our event and hospitality teams.

We work with our corporate clients, community service providers and the government to create meaningful effective pathways to long-term employment, and create stunning fabulous events for all to enjoy.
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Read our Sustainability Policy.
We procure from local social enterprises, local producers and suppliers, and local community groups and artisans. We upcycle, recycle, reuse and donate all event materials and always strive to reduce consumables at our events. We seek out sustainable green power and local water suppliers (no bottles water).
We are establishing these at present with the support of a sustainability expert.
We reuse, recycle, donate, and upcycle all our event stock.
We use only locally supplied water in compostable cups at our events.
We always encourage the use of public transport to and from all our events.