Green Hotel GHG Emissions Factors

So, there are emissions factors in some countries for accomodation nights. When you are doing your carbon calc, some productions add in carbon contribution of the number of hotel nights.

Of course not everyone does this, as they are not core direct emissions, but none the less, it is done as the number of hotel rooms booked, can be seen as an indicator of total impact, emissions and otherwise.

My question for discussion is, if a hotel is certified through a robust credible system (either the building or the operations, or both), can we assume some kind of emissions reduction in hotel nights? And if so what reduction? What happens to the emissions factor?

If I choose to house the event participants in a solar powered hotel, or for a more moderate example, only in a hotel with Green Globe certification, then is the national general-purpose emissions factor appropriate to apply?

It is very likely that each hotel has not got their own bespoke emissons factors worked out for their hotel, and what is included in accomodation/nights emissions factors anyway… Anyone?

Obviously if I am in a hotel with an off-grid microgen 100% in-situ solar set up, I am probably going to go with zero. But the idea of the Green Globe or LEED certified buildings intrigues me around this question. What about if the hotel is on a green power tariff?

Has anyone else pondered this question or started down the path with a solution?

Should we just never include accomodation nights in an emissions calc? That would be much simpler. Maybe we should be reporting on the actual number of nights as a metrics indicator not the carbon attached? Just like we report on the volume of actual waste, not the carbon used to process it. (that would be silly people).


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