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Compostable, Biodegradable and Enviro Friendly Tableware and Packaging

Since 2006 Green Pack has been supplying one of the most comprehensive Enviro Packaging and Compostable Packaging ranges in Australia. They  consider themselves to be the largest and cheapest Palm Leaf Plates supplier to the food and catering industry. Palm Leaf Bioplates are also often referred to as Bamboo Plates, however, these plates are made from the leaves of the Areca palm (Betel Nut Palm). Our Bio Packaging range includes Biocups, compostable cups, biodegradable plastic cups, PLA cornstarch cups and containers, PSM cornstarch cutlery and much more.

  • Cornstarch Cutlery
  • PLA Bio Plastic cups and containers made from cornstarch resin
  • Sugarcane plates, cups and containers made from bagasse
  • Palm Leaf Bioplates
  • Wooden Cutlery - forks, knives, spoons, teaspoons
  • Bamboo Forks
  • Paper and PLA Straws
  • Compostable BioCups
  • Compostable Bags
  • Compostable Cutlery
  • Compostable Plates
  • Wheat Straw Copy Paper - tree free and recycled
  • Biodegradable Plates

Also available: large range of conventional business and catering supplies.
Note that PLA products are only compostable in commercial composting facilities. If you are using PLA products at your event, ensure they are collected up for composting and sent to an appropriate facility. Don't use PLA if you don't have a commercial composting facility to send them to. And check that the facility will in fact take PLA in the quantity you propose.