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Greenery Unlimited is the world's first biophilic design retail store and showroom. An evolution of the traditional plant store, it serves as a venue to not only sell plants but also systems to keep them alive and thriving.

By using lessons learned from a decade’s worth of large scale botanic installations, GU strives to elevate the common perceptions of how an indoor environment can be enhanced for maximum human comfort and wellness.


We believe in sustainable practices in everything that we do, from garden refuse removal to paperless billing. It also means we build our installations to last.

Living Wage

We are committed to providing our employees a fair compensation for their work. Our interpretation of running a successful business includes being able to pay our team a living wage for New York City.

Giving Back

All of us are only as strong as our community. That’s why we believe in donating plants and materials to various organizations throughout New York City, from Community Gardens and Schools to Nursing Homes and Youth Centers.