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GRISDAINESE is an architecture, graphics and design firm that has been working for more than twenty years in the fields of public and private architectures, temporary design for exhibits, museums, fairs and events.

It employs 20 people and has two offices: one in Padua and one in Verona.

ISO 20121 Compliant:
ISO 20121 accreditation through a certificate issued by BSI on Oct 3rd, 2012 for operating a sustainable events management system for design and graphics of temporary architecture. Read more here.
Our design approach aims to achieve eco-efficiency:

  • by using modular systems that can be easily (re)assembled and reused
  • by increasing the environmentally friendly materials among which the fabric "Evergreen" and the printed honeycomb cardboard for the mobile partitions.
  • choice of low-consumption lighting systems
  • -eduction of material weight

Waste initiatives include:

  • Significant reduction of waste by replacing the carpet normally used for the walkways in the trade shows with the intervention of the company Green Graffiti and their 'natural techniques' of communication (sandprinting, moss graffiti, milk paint, etc.).
  • use of modular structure that can be reused and reassembled
  • convince the client and the contractor to adopt a waste reduction policy and a separate collection program

Being in charge with the space design, Grisdainese encourages the contractor dealing with the setting up to be as more sustainable as possible in his construction and assembly methods as far as the use of water and energy is concerned.

  • designing construction systems that permit reducing material weight and volume | Read our Policy