Gyro Conference

Part of Gyro Group who provides various services within event and conference production, media, travel and sales development.

Gyro Conference organise happenings at a national and international level and is an approved member of International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO). Conferences they produce include commercial events, sports events, industry specific events and more.

Maintaining a green profile they actively work to reduce the impact of their events. At the Gyro Conference website the key focus areas are outlined. This involve choosing destinations that allow audience and participants to take advantage of public transport and also where possible, book venues within walking distance to amenities and lodging. Gyro book hotels and venues with sustainability credentials and practice. Furthermore they choose suppliers who also maintain a green profile. Event material is reused when possible and any excess material may be donated to other, local, institutions. Communications and marketing is preferred to happen online in order to reduce paper-waste.

Internally the company make efforts to reuse, reduce, recycle. Waste is managed and sorted and measures are made in order to reduce the amount of office and production materials as well as paper, printing and copying. All traveling related to the company is booked by train whenever possible. More about their internal environmental status can be read on the website.


  • Lillehammer branch
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Storgt. 86, Postboks 14, 2601 Lillehammer
  • Telephone:  (+47) 61 28 73 20

Oslo Branch