Hotel Arista – Illinois

Located less than an hour from Chicago the Arista is in Naperville, Illinois. This hotel will make you feel eco-special from the moment you walk in the door. You are personally greeted by a host upon entering and the speciality service doesn't stop there. You can personalize your stay with such amenities as a range of different pillows, a in-room exercise bike, Nintendo Wii, and much more.

Not only does the Arista offer special services they are doing with less water and and energy than before. They have made it a passion of theirs to implement creative and imaginative green initiatives in all departments of the hotel. The hotel is LEED and Eco-Rooms and Eco-Suites certified. They encourage carpooling with staff and guests. The kitchen recycles its cooking oil, housekeeping uses only EPA certified cleaning products, the property has a sustainability procurement policy in place as well as a sustainable policy that stretches throughout all facets the organization.