ISO 20121

The international standard for the event industry ISO 20121: Events Sustainability Management System was launched in June 2012.

Implementing ISO 20121 is a great way to ensure your organisation has everything in place to facilitate great sustainability management of your events. ISO 20121 implementation offers an opportunity to communicate to event attendees, sponsors, and the local community that you have the capability to responsibly produce your events.

The SEA was an official liaison body to the development of the standard. We have created a list of resources below, for you to access:

  • Read the news story on the standard here.
  • Download the promotional document on ISO 20121 here.
  • Buy a copy of the standard here.
  • Download a plain language guide to ISO 20121 here.
  • Watch a short video on the standard here.
  • Watch a webcast on implementing the standard here.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Read ISO 202121 conformity news here.

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