Sourcing Objectives and Targets

Aims could be:

  • support the proliferation of sustainable products
  • encourage supply chain innovation
  • ensure event sourcing does not negatively impact communities or environment

Examples of sourcing objectives are:

  • increase proportion of locally sourced products and materials
  • maximise use of goods made which are recyclable
  • maximise the use of good from manufacturers with fair labour policies

Examples of targets are:

  • 50% of sourcing expenditure is with companies with sustainability practices in place
  • 100% of endorsed hotel accommodation to be with green lodging
  • 50% of all sourcing expenditure to be from locally made materials and supplies
  • 100% of branded event merchandise to be from sustainable product ranges
  • 100% of coffee served at the event to be Fairtrade certified
  • 50% of produce used in catering to be seasonal, organic, or local