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Hunter Water Refill Stations

Hunter Water Hunter Water offers community grants and corporate sponsorship to Hunter-based events that meet their corporate objectives.  For grant or sponsorship recipients, Hunter Water can supply a temprite station to your event. 

This is a great opportunity to promote yourself as a bottled water free event and reduce waste to landfill from disused plastic bottles.
This program is only open in around February to April each year.
Hunter Water Corporation's objectives for selection are:

  • providing superior customer service
  • ensuring sustainable use of natural resources
  • minimising our ecological footprint
  • balancing demand with a sustainable water supply
  • ensuring there is enough water for our community today and in the future
  • be the trusted provider of highly valued water services and information
  • understanding and addressing the individual needs and wants of customers
  • protecting people's health and enhance the environment
  • increasing competitiveness and value delivered to the community

Visit Hunter Water for more details.
Hunter Water Refill Stations