Hunter Region

Welcome to the Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA), an association which aims to inspire events, organisers, venues and supply chain to be as sustainable as possible and promote the Hunter Region as a sustainable event destination.

The Hunter Region is a fantastic destination for events; the natural beauty of Port Stephens, the city and beaches you find in Newcastle, and the rural aspect and wineries found in the Valley. Conferences, outdoor music festivals and concerts, street fairs and community gatherings - we produce events for locals and visitors alike.

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However, it is important that the Hunter Region is responsible towards its environment, people and economy in its event planning to keep the region's event industry prosperous and sustainable.  The SEA hopes to engage the Hunter Region event industry in sustainability, to uncover what sustainability initiatives already exist and to inspire the industry and its suppliers to action.

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With the launch of new international standard ISO 20121, expectations by audiences for events to be environmentally responsible, along with increasing council requirements,  now is the perfect time to engage with the SEA. Events, organisers, local councils, venues and suppliers are invited to work together with the SEA to create a sustainable event industry and showcase the Hunter Region as a sustainable event destination.

Why Sustainability?

  • Increase profile, reputation and competitive advantage.
  • Secure additional event business to the Hunter.
  • Meet client expectations for sustainability performance.
  • Attain industry best practice for sustainability performance.
  • Address upcoming standards (ISO 20121).
  • Gain financial savings through resource efficiency.

Start Your Sustainability Journey

The Sustainability Roadmap helps events and venues navigate towards improved sustainability performance. Suppliers are asked to undergo a checklist and let us know what their sustainability credentials are. Click through to begin your journey: