Joanne Gorski


Consultant Auditor

Location: Hortonville, Wisconsin, USA
Years experience in sustainable event practice: 27 months (little over two years)
Email: joanne.gorski @

Details of experience:
I have been working in the field of supply chain management, business, and education for 25 years. While working as an instructor at Fox Valley Technical College, I had the opportunity to lead our college’s efforts from an instructional standpoint. The work was so fulfilling that I was soon the college’s sustainability expert and go-to resource. I developed several sustainability focused classes for the Supply Chain Management and Energy and Environmental Engineering degrees.

I also lead outreach efforts for the college to help educate the public and encourage business to adopt sustainable development principles into their business practices. This is how I got into sustainable event management. Instead of just attending sustainability related events on behalf of the college, I decided to create them. I secured corporate donations to 100% fund the events and also produced and managed the events. I also was able to work with sustainability thought leaders in business as well as colleges to help advance my understanding of current best practices and areas of improvement opportunities.

I work on all types of sustainability initiatives for various types of organizations.

I love to apply my supply chain management and educational background to help drive changes to the way people and businesses manage their resources. Each event is a new opportunity to help educate and motivate individuals to make meaningful changes.

BS in Business Management, The Ohio State University
MBA, The University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Sustainable Event Training through ISSP and Greenshot Pacific
ISSP Certificate (International Society of Sustainability Professionals)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Green Manufacturing Specialist
ISO 14000 Lead Auditor
SEET (Sustainable Energy and Education Training) National Renewable Energy Lab and Colorado School of Mines
Certified Fellow of Inventory and Production Management (CFPIM), APICS
Certified Supply Chain Professional, APICS
APICS Sustainability Task Force
North East Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance Sustainability Task Force Leader
Sustainable Fox Valley Board Member

List of events and projects worked on:
The Sustainable Business Exchange
The Big Green
The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council's Annual Conference
Fox Valley Technical College Clean Energy Expo

Program being audited:
ISO 20121