Sustainable Event Alliance Membership

Join us! SEA membership gives you access to the how-to guides, resources, the sustainable event roadmap, SEA Accredited Professional programme. You can get listed in the Supplier Database. 

Individuals, Organisations and Events can use the SEA logo in once the membership Charter has been signed and membership dues are paid.

Consultants, trainers or auditors in event sustainability must have completed the SEA Accredited Professional programme before they can get listed in the Supplier Database or use the SEA logo.

Suppliers must fill meet accepted best practice in their industry sector and be actively contributing to an event's sustainability performance, in order to be listed in the Supplier Database and to use the SEA logo.

Students: Please email us from your email assigned to you by your university or school to membership (at) Include details of your university and course, and a sentence or two on your passion for sustainable event management, and we'll give you a free 12 mth log in to the SEA website. Don't forget, we're also looking for Virtual Interns!

Individual (Corp/Govt) $75

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Individual (NGO/NFP) $50

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Organisation Member $100

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Event Member $100

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Supplier Member $100

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Venue Member $100

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Membership Charter

Before you register as a member of the Sustainable Event Alliance, we ask you to read and accept the Membership Charter. This charter defines a set of principles accepted by the members who commit to respect them during the course of their activities.

Membership Payment

Membership is annual, payable via Paypal. You will receive a reminder to re-new your membership. We will not automatically deduct consequential year's membership fee from your account. The Paypal process involves filling out the registration form and receiving the membership log-in to access the SEA website. Paypal also offers the option to pay by credit card.