La Rural Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires

Location: Juncal 4431
Venue Type: Conference Centre, Exhibition Centre, Entertainment Centre , Restaurant/Pub, Historic Building/Castle
Capacity: 45.000 spr meters

About the Venue

La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires works on a daily basis with a clear goal: to be a great window to the world. We are supported by a 130-year history which goes back to 1878, the year in which the third Exposición Nacional de Ganadería was celebrated. Our pavilions, convention halls and main auditorium are equipped with cutting-of-the-edge technology and they amount to 45,000 m2 indoors. Besides, it has more than 10.000 m2 outdoors and green spaces; and a parking lot capable of hosting a thousand vehicles.

Sustainability Profile

We know that environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of building a sustainable business strategy. It is therefore a key focus within our sustainability policy, in this sense, realize our efforts on reducing the environmental impact of the activity of the company. Since, 2004, we developed an Environmental Management Plan, through which we plan a program of activities to develop our operations in an integrated and in harmony and in harmony with the environment. One of the main focuses of our environmental plan is to reduce waste arising from activities on the farm. In this sense, we pay special attention to their final destination. To do this, in 2009 developed an Environmental Management Manual. The following materials are segregated for further processing;

✔ The venue has a sustainability policy in place.
 We have a greening committee, and have a staff member delegated the role of overseeing sustainability initiatives.
✔ We actively engage our staff in our sustainability initiatives and their success.


✔ The venue has successfully achieved independent certification for its sustainable operation.
✔ The venue has successfully achieved independent certification for the sustainable construction of the building.


✔ We have a sustainable procurement policy in place.
Catering options includes dietary, religious or cultural requirements


 Glass, Plastics (hard)
 Plastics (soft/film e.g. cling or shrink wrap)
 Aluminium cans, steel cans and scrap metal
 Cardboard & Paper
 E-waste (electronic/WEEE)
 Used cooking oil
✔ Biodegradable waste is composted onsite

Waste Handling
✔ Recycling (mixed together) is reported separately from general waste.
 Biodegradable waste is reported separately from general and recycling.
 Recycling is reported by several different streams

Waste Reporting:
 We can provide show/day specific figures, segregated by waste stream.
 We know average venue waste figures and can supply them.
 We know average per person waste figures for the venue and can supply them.
 We have a resource recovery program. Read more here.

Please check our Sustainability Report:


 We purchase renewable energy through our main supply retailer
 We measure total venue energy consumption and GHG, but do not disclose this information publicly.
 We can only supply total venue energy consumption figures (kWh) and then extrapolate the based on percentage of floor area used.
Please check our Sustainability Report for more info.


✔ We measure water use.
Please see our report for more details on water conservation and management


 It is easy to cycle or walk to the venue.
✔ Public transport is close to the venue, and well used by venue patrons.
 The venue is located right next to a well used public transport hub.
 Parking is easily available at or near the venue.