Luca Guzzabocca

In-house Sustainability Manager
Event Producer with sustainability expertise
Specialist (eg recycling, power, transport)

Location: Italy
Years experience in sustainable event practice: 5
Email: luca.guzzabocca (at)

Details of experience:
I have more than 15 years of experience in sustainable procurement and supply management, since 2013 I have experienced the design and implementation for F.I.M. (International Federation of Motorcycling) of a sustainable event framework for motorsport sector, specifically for motorcycling sector becoming the advisor of Italian Mugello and Misano circuits for MotoGP events (the top class of motorcycling discipline).

This key sport sector is a worldwide unique massive driver increasing the sustainability awareness across fans, teams, riders, organizers, promoters, community, suppliers and sponsors. That makes my expertise and know-how very strong and wide around sustainable events management.
The framework includes several environmental and social impact initiatives.

List of events and projects worked on:
MotoGP Grand Prix Mugello 2013
MotoGP Grand Prix Mugello 2014
MotoGP Grand Prix Mugello 2015
MotoGP Grand Prix Mugello 2016
MotoGP Grand Prix Misano 2016
MotoGP Grand Prix Mugello 2017
MotoGP Grand Prix Misano 2017