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About the Audit:

Conformity Level: third party conformity
Date: 09/17/2018
Conformity Certificate: view certificate
Auditing Company/Auditor: Sustainable Events Certification (SEC)
Auditor Competency: Auditors meet competency requirements in ISO_IEC_TS_17021-4_2013
More information: https://meetgreen.com/products/iso-20121-tools/

Scope of Audit:

The purpose of the Continual Improvement Assessment is to check the key elements of your management
system to ensure that they still comply with ISO 20121:2012 and that you are meeting the requirement of
continual improvement. To retain the Certificate of Conformance, Continual Improvement Assessments
should to be undertaken annually as a minimum.
The Continual Improvement Assessment will review the status of any outstanding non-conformities and
observations / recommendations noted in previous reports.
We are providing “remote” Certification Assessments that eliminate the need for an assessor to visit your
office. This not only reduces the environmental impact of the assessment itself but also helps us to reduce
costs. Our remote Assessments are dependent upon you ensuring that your documents and records are
Our remote Continual Improvement Assessments have 2 steps:
1. A review of documents and records which need to be provided electronically
2. Conversation with the Management Representative to discuss any outstanding issues (this can be
conducted by phone or Skype).

In the event that SEC at any time considers that a material change to the nature or extent of the Service is
required or advisable, it shall notify the Client of such change and SEC and the Client shall enter into
negotiations in good faith concerning any such change. No such change shall be made without the Client’s
written consent.

The Client will need to clearly define the scope of their sustainability management system for the purposes
of the Assessment. This scope will need to be documented and will describe the activities, functions,
organisation and (if appropriate) the events to which the sustainability management system (for which
certification is being sought) will apply. The Client must demonstrate that they own and are accountable for
the sustainability management system within the defined scope.

All documentation and records required will be made available in English. The Client will arrange for any
translation of documentation and records needed to complete the assessment. In providing the Service,
SEC shall assume that all information that it receives from the Client are complete and accurate in all

For the Assessment the Client will:
 Nominate a management representative who will act as a single point of contact between SEC and
the Client
 Provide access to all required documents and records

If one or more of the requirements of ISO 20121:2012 have not been met, then a non-conformance will be
raised. The assessor will determine whether the non-conformance(s) can be closed out remotely, whether
a corrective action plan with evidence is required, or whether a re-inspection is required. The Client will be
given 3 to 6 months in which to correct the non-conformance. . If this is not achieved, then a re-inspection
will be automatically required. Any re-inspection visits will be arranged in advance and charged at the SEC
standard assessment day rate applicable at the time.

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